SENTIA, a new generation of mood enhancing products that can supplement a healthy life style. Complex botanicals provide a rich sensory experience.

Sentia brings together traditional knowledge and cutting edge science allowing discerning drinkers to relax, unwind, and connect.

Our unique blend of active botanicals uses the finest ethically sourced natural ingredients selected to enhance mood, support social connections, and boost your natural vitality

As seen in


A luscious liquid, exquisitely crafted with all-natural botanical ingredients:

Heady sweet aromatics, rich herbal complexity and sumptuous bittersweet, spiced berries.

SENTIA Gaba Black

Revive your focus and conviviality with this complex blend of flavours, jam-packed with antioxidants:

Spiced pepper warmth, with an intense, smoky finish, GABA Black is designed to enhance social moments and ignite human connection.

That Natural 'Sweet Spot'

What are you looking for in Alcohol?

Do you always like what you find?

Many of us search for that sweet spot--where a drink hits the right note, enriching our connections with others.

SENTIA helps you find your natural sweet spot where conversations broaden and connections deepen without alcohol.

Don't take our word for it...


I woke up the next morning feeling entirely hangover-free, which would not have been the case had I swapped those Sentia measures for vodka.


Within about ten minutes, I was surprised to find that I started feeling something. It wasn’t comparable to getting pissed, more like having a half pint or smoking a small joint.


"It’s delicious,” she told Stylist. “I wasn’t expecting it to give me that tipsy feeling, but I’m really surprised."


I felt light, floozy, like after a yoga class, after 45 minutes I was feeling a bit more energized by the berry-like icy drink, in the mood for a low-key chat.


I mixed a shot with lemonade poured over ice, making it taste like a summery mulled wine. It’s a grower but after two drinks, I can proudly say I’m a total convert. Pricey but worth it.


SENTIA Red, is like an alcohol-free sibling of a vermouth, warmed with spiced pepper, making for an earthy body but smoky, bitter finish. Ideal for an after-work drink or ambient night in


we did feel relaxed and generally mellow after drinking it. And, just as importantly, it’s good to drink, with a bold, bittersweet floral and spiced berry character.


Frequently asked questions

Social connection is at the heart of humanity and these moments are often infused with alcohol--but we knew there is a better, healthier way to find that natural sweet spot.

SENTIA SPIRITS are a new generation of feel-good liquids designed for conscious consumers, coming together.

Designed by Neuroscientists and Botanists, SENTIA SPIRITS are all natural dietary supplements containing carefully selected ingredients known to relax, re-vitalize, and improve cognitive function.

SENTIA GABA RED is a dietary food supplement which contains herbal extracts, vitamins, and fruit juice concentrates.

SENTIA GABA BLACK is a dietary food supplement which contains herbal extracts, vitamins, and natural sugars.

Sentia Spirits are blends of carefully selected botanicals, each chosen to balance complex flavour and function and provide moments for relaxation, connection, and re-vitalization