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Many conventional Alcohol-Free options mimic flavours well but often fall short on function. For many people the function of GABA RED and GABA BLACK is where the magic happens.

Designed to be paired with your favourite mixers or incorporated into your daily routines, SENTIA SPIRITS bring their own unique flavours, bodies, and mouthfeels.


Humans and our pre-human ancestors have consumed alcohol for over a million years; it's the most widely used psychoactive substance on the planet--because it gives us something we want.

This old technology comes with baggage and todays consumers and looking for better options.


The effects of alcohol have been studied for many years, which this diagram nicely summarises.


When you drink an alcoholic beverage, the ethanol first targets your GABA system--that's the sweet spot we all know and love.

GABA is the brain’s most important inhibitory neurotransmitter.

GABA helps us to feel more comfortable and present in social situations.

Sentia Spirits contains natural ingredients known to modulate GABA, allowing you to more easily savour the moment.



SENTIA was developed to bottle the feelings associated with connection.

Sentia Spirits use a unique blend of plant-based functional ingredients.

We select botanical ingredients known for their GABAergic effects and supplement them with others that improve uptake and absorption.

Don't take our word for it


I decided to stop drinking, realised I would still need something to look forward to at the end of the day, did my research and found Sentia. I love both colours. It relaxes me and stops me from feeling that I am missing out. My one wish is that bars would stock it!


This has replaced alcohol in our Wednesday evening drink. It is relaxing and does make a great alternative to alcohol when unwinding. We tried the red and the black. Of the two we prefer the black as the red is more floral while the black does have root beer or Chinotto notes. We mix with tonic or soda water and ice and usually have 50mL each.


This is a lovely warn rounded flavoured drink. I like it with tonic water. I like an alcoholic drink but have decided to have a break for 6 months. Drinking Sentia Red has the same indulgent feeling. Gave me incredible dreams, vivid and so colourful.


I ordered sentia red because I’m finding as I enter my 40s the after effects of alcohol noticeably affect my sleep and anxiety levels( even with just one alcoholic drink ) but I still want something delicious and something which feels like a grown up drink and isn’t packed with sugar I drink a lot of botanical teas and infusions and so the slightly bitter taste of this was just my sort of thing …recommend as an alternative - if you like Campari then you’ll love this


Love this drink with a good tonic, ice and lime. What a great discovery. So pleased to have found this. The lovely relaxed feeling that alcohol gives but without the negative impacts that alcohol has. Brilliant. This will be a regular purchase for me.

SENTIA GABA Red 500ml & GABA Black 500ml SENTIA GABA Red 500ml SENTIA GABA Black 500ml

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