Connection is at the heart of what it means to be human and drinking often defines these moments. 

You know that sensation when your first drink hits that sweet spot, where conversations broaden, connections deepen and the noise in the room rises?


... SENTIA was developed to capture that moment - and let you hold it.

A next generation of feel-good drinks, designed for conscious drinkers, coming together.


Not an alcohol or alcohol-free drink, but a great tasting, effective, alcohol alternative designed for all of us to come together to savour those moments – everything we want from alcohol, but without the alcohol.


Sentia Spirits are designed for a unique blend of function and flavour.

Sentia Spirits are not designed for all occasions, nor to appeal to everyone's palate.

They are not designed to replace all alcoholic drinks.

Many consumers report wonderful moments with Sentia while others report feeling less effect or that the taste is a little challenging.

We recommend consumers experiment with Sentia, by pairing with their favourite mixers, and by enjoying across a range of social moments.

We love to receive feedback and welcome your thoughts!


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Professor Nutt has been a pioneering force in psychopharmacology for over thirty years. He’s published more then 500 original research papers and 34 books on a wealth of topics in psychiatry, from his early work in sleep studies to his more famous interventions in drug policy and the study of addiction. In the early 2000’s while working as the chair of the UK Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs, Professor Nutt was tasked with outlining a 25-year roadmap for the future of alcohol. While working on this project he introduced the notion of a safer synthetic alternative to alcohol. 
As an expert on the ways alcohol interacts with the body and brain, Professor Nutt realised that he could isolate the mechanism we associate with the desirable effects of alcohol—relaxation, increased sociability, improved mood—from the negative effects, by developing an alternative that exclusively targeted the brain’s GABA system. 
Whilst initially focused on a purely synthetic alternative to alcohol, Professor Nutt and the team at GABAlabs decided to look for compounds that target the GABA system in nature. After extensive research into naturally occurring GABAergic compounds, GABAlabs sought out someone who could take their botanical blend and turn it into a drink, bringing botanical drinks expert Vanessa Jacoby on board.

Botanical Alchemist and Plant Craft specialist, Vanessa takes the proprietary GABA Labs blend and combines exotic ingredients from fair trade & fair wild farms all over the world to craft SENTIA's sumptuous sensory experience.