Having yourself a booze-free little Christmas – SENTIA’s Christmas Gift Guide

Having yourself a booze-free little Christmas – SENTIA’s Christmas Gift Guide
Having yourself a booze-free little Christmas?
Here’s how you and your loved ones can get into Christmas Spirit with our top gift picks!


How can I get into the festive spirit without over-indulging? With Christmas just around the corner, you might be asking yourself this very question, so we think you’ll be pleased to discover that there are plenty of ways for to stir up the season, without any hanxiety. Whether you’re looking for sophisticated gift options for the discerning drinkers in your life or hosting a cocktail party for family and friends – SENTIA Red is the perfect choice to raise a glass of Christmas cheer without the downsides of drinking. RRP £29.50

Have you found yourself choosing to drink alcohol at a family gathering like Christmas because it makes you feel more ‘sociable’ and ‘talkative’? Well, if so, you’re not alone. Research we released last month revealed that nearly half of UK adults (45 per cent) believe they become their best selves after 1-2 drinks, so will choose to drink alcohol at a festive gathering to help with that social anxiety. However, our research also showed that 41 per cent of UK adults would like to cut back on alcohol to improve their health, and that 30% would love to try a drink that offers all the benefits of alcohol, without the alcohol.

Thanks to its unique blend of botanical ingredients, proven to come together and activate ‘sociable’ sensations in the brain, SENTIA Red is the world-first functional alcohol alternative, created by world-renowned scientists to give drinkers that ‘two-drink-sweet-spot’ sensation – in other words, what we want from without the alcohol.

With that in mind, healthy hedonists need not wait until the new year to make more mindful choices. Thanks to SENTIA’s luscious deep red liquid and pleasingly complex taste, you can cut back on the booze, without any of the buzzkill.

Our Gift Guide for Healthy Hedonists and Discerning Drinkers




  1. SENTIA takes its name from the Latin word for ‘sense’, so if you love SENTIA like us, you’ll appreciate the rich sensory aroma of SSENCE’s hand-poured wax candle in Parquet Leather. Featuring notes of orange, leather, peach, red oak and maple, we think this is the perfect aroma to surround yourself with as you sit back by the fire and sip on one of our signature serves.
  2. Gents who groom will love this limited-edition trio of scents by Tom Ford, which feature three Private Blend fragrances from Tom Ford's personal scent laboratory, in collectible miniature decanters. Luxury grooming at its finest.
  3. Those who prioritise their wellbeing will appreciate being able to flex their way into the new year with TRX’s latest lightweight Move System - meaning that 2023 can be the year you take your workout to the gym, at home or on your travels – no excuses.
  4. If you’re a discerning drinker you’ll agree that cocktails don’t get more classic than an Old Fashioned, expertly blended in a cut glass tumbler. We love this set of four Barwell Crystal Old Fashioned Glasses from Soho House homeware, weighty, stylish and the perfect vessel for our SENTIA Straight.
  5. SENTIA pairs perfectly with good conversation, great friends and artisanal food, and we think you cant go wrong gifting the foodie friend in your life with this incredible Cheese Feast Box from Piper’s Farm, which celebrates the best in British cheeses.
  6. As the nights grow coder, we think there’s no warmer way to connect with friends then over a classic boardgame and this retro style, premium scrabble board is the perfect way to stay on your game over couple of SENTIA Negonis.




  1. Lovingly handcrafted in sleepy Suffolk, why not gift those with an appreciation for the artisanal with a beautiful Mahn House candle in Spexhall’s santal scent. Hand-poured into unique Italian Murano glass and with rich nods of Patchouli, why not draw a bubble bath and imbibe the nostalgic notes of this feminine scented candle, while supping on a SENTIA on the rocks.
  2. Beauty Queens and those who prioritise self-care will love Harvey Nicholl’s Beauty Sleep Hamper. This blissful collection of evening essentials includes a calming This Works bath soak and the beauty lover’s favourite Slip silk pillowcase, so as the winter nights grow longer, you can warm your soul by pouring a guilt-free SENTIA nightcap and laying your head down for a luxurious night’s sleep.
  3. Pouring yourself a sophisticated serve at home, should start with a SENTIA and finish with a stunning Barwell Crystal Cut Glass Martini glass from the Soho House homeware collection. These stunning glasses come in a set of four - perfect to elevate your home-bar and mix a couple of SENTIA laced Cosmos with an intimate group of your closest friends.
  4. Healthy hedonists looking to kick start 2023 with a little more zen in their lives, will appreciate Stella McCartney’s newest line of yoga mats for Adidas. In season all year round, this high-grip mat will help you stay grounded in style.
  5. If you love SENTIA, then you’ll appreciate all things sensory like gorgeous surroundings, great conversation and top tunes. If you’re hosting a Christmas gathering this season and are after a more stylish take on party-playlist, why not invest in, or gift the music-lover in your life with a retro-look Audia Technica turntable.

SENTIA is brand new to the spirits world. With a heady floral aroma and abundance of spiced berry notes, Sentia delivers a sophisticated seasonal serve whether you’re enjoying the drink neat, on the rocks or in a cocktail.