CBD vs Gaba Drink Sentia
GABA Labs have accumulated decades of research and expertise into the study of GABA and its effects on the brain. In a few decades’ time there will no doubt be a gang of experts who’ve done the same for endocannabinoids, we’re just not there yet.
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The True GABA Drink
Sentia contains compounds that pass from your intestines and into your blood—and compounds that help that happen. The real magic is how these substances then trigger the release of GABA in your brain. It’s your brain that creates the GABA that matters.
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The Rise Of Non-Alcoholic Spirits

Non Alcoholic Spirits choices have improved significantly over the past 10 years, and they’re easier to find. As more customers request non-alcohol options—and those options becomes more refined—so bars and restaurants have begun featuring alcohol alternatives on their daily specials. Alternatively, you can head over to an exclusively non-alcoholic bar. But while low and non-alcohol choices continue to improve, a new alternative has entered the market and is slated to take the industry to unimaginable heights.

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